Professional Guitar Lessons, Bass Lessons, and Recording Studio Services

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Music Production

When you need a professionally arranged song, an awesome mix, and professional mastering, you are in the right place. I provide music production services to bands and artists who need to have a professionally produced and recorded album in order to compete with today's music industry.

Guitar and Bass Lessons

Are you a musician who feels stuck, that no matter what, you don't see progress in your guitar or bass playing? Here at Fernando’s Guitar Studio I can help you play like a pro in a short amount of time if you are hungry for growth. My guitar lessons focus on technique, music theory, and ear development, which will help you become the amazing musician you always wanted to be!

Jam Sessions

Jam sessions are designed to help you get better at improvisation with other musicians using music theory knowledge and the ear. This sessions will help you become a more natural guitar, bass player and will help you understand why scales are so important to create songs, solos, melodies, harmonies,etc.  

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My Story

I have been playing the guitar and the bass for over 25 years and have been teaching guitar and bass professionally for 15 years to students all over the world. During my years of playing music, I won several battles of the bands, played in national and international festivals of different styles of music, got featured in Guitar Playing Magazine on October of 2008, shared stages with Sixpense Non The Richer, Jars Of Clay, Relient K, Michael W. Smith,etc, and recorded at famous studios like the Sound Emporium in Nashville, TN. I graduated from Greenville College with a degree in Music Production/Sound Engineering/Guitar Performance and since then have been producing artists and bands of different styles of music from different parts of the world. Fernando’s Guitar Studio is a a recording/teaching studio I founded in Creve Coeur, MO, that helps musicians like you either record professional songs, or simply get better at the guitar or bass by taking lessons. So in few words, if you need a professionally recorded song or simply need professional guitar lessons, you are in the right place!

Why Take Guitar/Bass Lessons From Me?

There are many teachers out there that just teach students songs, songs, and more songs, creating robotic guitar students that have no idea what they are really doing. Learning songs is a very important part of your guitar education, but it is not everything. Not only you get to learn your favorite songs with me and cool songs that I recommend you learn to develop technique, but I also offer a complete guitar training program that includes music theory, scale studies, ear development, improvisation, and technique development boot camps! I take my time to analize each student and see what the student needs at the time. In this student analysis that I make, I also focus on areas like what type of music the student wants to learn, what are his or her goals, what level does the student want to reach, etc. After the analysis is done, I take each student on the guitar road they want to go with, helping them achieve their music goals.  


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